Designing 21st Century Learning Spaces

Traditional learning spaces are fast losing their relevance in 21st century learning. For the new generation of technology-wired students, workers and learners, learning has to be constantly engaging, interactive and collaborative or else, they lose interest.

So how can you transform the traditional classroom, training room and lecture hall into 21st century learning spaces?
With Communitas, the possibilities are endless.

Communitas – a joint-venture company under Kydon Holdingsis an innovative learning space design company in Singapore that specialises in blending spatial design, pedagogical principles and technological tools to create a truly engaging learning space for active and collaborative learning.

Rethinking learning spaces for classrooms and corporate training

 Smart classrooms are becoming the new norm. Teachers can now instantly share content from their PCs, laptops or tablets to an interactive whiteboard and their students’ iPads, enabling students to discover the excitement of active and collaborative learning.

 Adaptable learning spaces are replacing static seating arrangements in corporate training rooms, breaking down barriers of communication and allowing more group discussions and interactions among learners.

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Our team at Communitas have deep expertise in spatial and interior design and knowledge of advanced pedagogical principles and learning technologies to help schools, universities, corporations and government institutions design innovative learning spaces for the 21st century learner.

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