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    Learning Needs Analysis

    Learning needs analysis is the first of seven steps in Kydon LSI’s total systems approach to a holistic understanding of the environments impacting human performance. This step is done prior to designing any learning solutions or learning interventions.

    A comprehensive learning needs analysis will help us understand your organisation’s learning goals and aspirations better and uncover any learning gaps and areas of improvement.

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    Learning Strategy

    Our team at Kydon LSI will work closely with your HR, corporate or training and development team to develop clear learning strategies that meet both organizational needs and different levels of operations.

    Having clear learning strategies will enable us to design learning solutions that support your organisation’s business objectives, unique contexts and learner profiles as well as optimise performance.

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    Learning Solutions Design

    At Kydon LSI, we design integrated learning solutions that are aligned with your organisation’s learning strategies and support your organisational goals, aspirations and constraints.

    Our technology-enhanced learning solutions are designed using progressive learning methods to make learning effective, engaging and efficient. Get learning solutions that work from our highly experienced inter-disciplinary learning experts.

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    Learning Curriculum and Content

    Our learning technology experts at Kydon LSI will develop learning curriculum and learning content that create authentic learning experiences for your learners, teachers and trainers.

    This is how: We integrate advanced technological tools with content to sharpen a learner’s capacity to be a self-directed, collaborative learner who can reflect and think about one’s learning and apply it expertly and independently. We harness deep expertise in content development (instructional design and content technologies) to develop exceptional learning content.

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    Learning Delivery

    Kydon LSI ensures learners get the right learning solutions and in the right format and method. Whether it is blended learning, e-learning, mobile learning or multi-platform learning, we will deliver learning content in the best learning format and method to maximise learners’ motivations and learning experiences.

    Need help to deliver the new learning methods? Outsource your training to Kydon’s learning and development experts or develop the capabilities of your internal trainers. Contact our professional development services

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    Change Management

    The learning transformation process goes beyond delivering quality learning content and robust technology-enhanced learning systems.

    Equally important is engaging learners with the new ways of learning. This could mean changing the perceptions of senior management, trainers/teachers and learners towards learning through change management and communications initiatives which we can implement for your organization.

    By educating your stakeholders on the strategy, pedagogy and benefits of the new learning technologies, more will be encouraged to embrace the change.

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    System Integration and Project Management

    Transforming learning in any organisation involves managing change in the whole learning environment. This is a complex process involving managing change among various stakeholders and synchronizing the use of technologies, pedagogies and content.

    Kydon LSI adopts an integrated systems approach in learning development to help organizations transform learning in a seamless manner. All systemic learning transformation projects at Kydon are spearheaded by a highly experienced management team with deep domain knowledge and expertise and exceptional project management skills.