Individual Learning Portal – Powerful Tool for Personalising Growth 

Many companies and organisations are beginning to see the value of creating Individual Learning Portals (ILP) for their employees. In schools, colleges and universities, individual portfolios are used to capture a student’s learning and development activities and progress.

In the workplace, an Individual Learning Portal can be a powerful tool to support the professional and personal growth of employees.

Benefits of an Individual Learning Portal

Helps learners and employees develop personalised learning plans and keep track of their learning and development activities, records and progress

Enables training administrators to monitor the success of the organisation’s learning and development efforts

Serves as a reflective and documentation tool for both learners and trainers to reflect on their growth, development and learning

The Kydon Individual Learning Portal Tool can empower your employees to be self-directed learners who take charge of their learning and development. Individual Learning Portals could be part of your enterprise learning management system.

The Kydon ILP offers a framework for learners to manage all aspects of career development, including:

    • Goal setting
    • Skills identification
    • Self-reflection and self-assessment
    • Career and educational transitions
    • Getting and keeping work
    • Lifelong personal development
To successfully integrate a Learning Portal system into your organisational learning environment requires careful planning and change in mindset towards learning.

Our expert team at Kydon Technologies will be there to provide you with high levels of support to implement the Kydon ILP.

Talk to us today about creating powerful Individual Learning Portals for your company, organisation or institution.