Kydon Learning Content Management System Is Future-Proof

With Kydon Technologies’ Learning Content Management System (LCMS), you can create, store and publish content once and easily reuse existing content in different formats – and at very cost-effective prices.

As Kydon’s Learning Content Management System is built on industry-accepted e-learning standards such as SCORM, AICC and IMS  –  you can be sure it is future-proof –  and integration with any learning management system or business system will be seamless.

If you are looking for a flexible, scalable and affordable Learning Content Management System to manage your learning content in one centralised location, Kydon LCMS is your cutting-edge solution.

Discuss with us about creating a future-proof Learning Content Management System to support your enterprise-wide elearning efforts.

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Why Kydon LCMS is the best 

Kydon LCMS provides content creation, content management and content delivery for organisations looking to implement scalable and affordable online learning and elearning solutions.

Key features:

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    Content Reuse

    Get more from your investment. With Kydon LCMS, you can reuse existing learning content materials stored in the digital repository and deliver the content in any format as needed.
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    Learning Object Model Approach

    Save you time and money as content can be efficiently and rapidly reused without additional programming or costly content duplications.
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    Collaborative authoring tool

    Maintain consistent quality in content production. Content authors, subject matter experts and course designers from different geographical locations can collaborate seamlessly on the same platform using an online, template-based authoring tool
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    Searchability of content

    Using business process driven categorization (metadata and taxonomy structures) makes it so easy for your content authors and developers to search and find the right materials.
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    Fully XML-based content models

    Facilitate fast and cost-effective high quality content production,  useful for organisations engaged in large scale, repeatable content production. Support both HTML and FLASH formats for different output formats. 
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    Version Control system

    Effectively manage all types of content on the LCMS and ensure you have instant access to the most updated materials. 
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    Project and workflow management

    Enable efficient end-to-end management of the learning content processes for any author in any location.
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    Dynamic Learning Object linking

    Allow your content authors to rapidly reuse stored and versioned content and produce content quickly for shorter production cycles.
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    Kydon LCMS can easily integrate with other learning management or business systems, including the latest mobile platforms, as it is built on industry-accepted elearning standards such as SCORM 1.2 & 2004, AICC, IMS and XML/DITA. 
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    Standard-based localization engine

    Have the flexibility to create and publish elearning content in multiple languages, saving on translation costs.
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    Open Architecture (SOA) and web services

    Make sure your investment is safe and any functional extension is easy to implement.

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