Driving The Use of Technology in Learning

The rapid rise of digital and mobile technologies at the turn of the 21st century has dramatically changed the way people work, learn and do business. Is your organisation already transitioning from traditional classroom training to using technology in learning? Or are you unsure where to begin? Our experienced learning and technology experts at Kydon can help you make the transition painless and seamless – and work with you to make technology an integral part of your organizational learning culture. Established organizations we have worked with include U21 Global, MINDEF Singapore and Institute for Adult Learning Singapore.

At Kydon, we are driven by a strong passion …

  • To champion the use of technology in learning in schools and educational institutions. Schools and educational institutions must keep up with new learning technologies and new pedagogies to make learning more engaging, effective and efficient.

Learning is the lynchpin of growth in any society.

It is even more important in today’s increasingly complex and dynamic world where knowledge and human capital are the keys to prosperity in aspiring knowledge economies.

Let us help you transform your organisation with new learning technologies. Discuss your learning needs with us today. Call 65-6681 5691 or email [email protected]