Engaging Education Partners Across the Region

IE Singapore encourages companies to co-create e-learning solutions with international partners


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Singapore, Monday, 2 November 2015

  1. Global spend on education in 2015 is expected to reach US$ 5.4 trillion[1]. The global e-learning sector is expected to reach US$105.23 billion in 2015 and grow to $446.85 billion by 2020[2]. Rise in urban mobility and digitalisation has seen a shift in the way education is consumed, and redefined the traditional learning curriculum. Education providers need to understand this global shift and adopt new business models to stay relevant. These were the topics discussed at the inaugural Future Learning CXO Summit today. The event was jointly initiated by International Enterprise (IE) Singapore and education technology provider, Kydon Holdings.

Singapore tops global ranking for quality of education

  1. In August this year, Singapore came out tops in an Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) global education ranking for mathematics and science. This is based on a ranking among 76 countries[3].
  1. Singapore curriculum has seen strong traction overseas with local learning solution providers such as ShingLee, Singapore Asia Publisher, Alston and Star Publishing exporting their textbooks and assessment papers to over 30 countries spanning from Southeast Asia, China, Australia and even the United Kingdom.
  1. Said IE Singapore, Deputy CEO, Chua Taik Him, “Singapore learning solution providers have successfully rolled out their programmes across the globe. Riding on our globally recognised education system, Singapore companies can tap on technological advancements to transform the way content is delivered, increasing accessibility and affordability of quality education and training. We hope our companies will continue to seek partnerships beyond our borders, to co-develop innovative solutions and close the education gap through e-learning.”

Singapore learning solution providers have the relevant expertise to support the growth of e-learning  

  1. In Asia alone, revenue from e-learning is projected to reach $11.5 billion by 2016. Seven of the top 10 countries with the highest e-learning growth rates are in Asia – Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Nepal and Pakistan – with growth in these countries above 30%[4].
  1. Over the last 5 years, more than 50% of Singapore e-learning companies have exported their services overseas. With a booming Asia e-learning market in sight, Singapore companies have cultivated partnerships with regional players to develop and implement learning technologies for today’s changing education landscape.
  1. At the Summit, three out of four Memorandum of Understandings (MOU)/Collaboration Agreement were signed between Singapore and foreign partners:
    1. Kydon Holdings and UNET Education – A Strategic Collaboration Agreement on a 9-year Smart Education project, under the Vietnam government sanctioned School Card System project. Under this collaboration, Kydon will provide smart education classroom technologies and an online academy that provides programmes for students, teachers and parents at all levels including vocational education.
    2. Star Publishing and EduSciMat – Star Publishing and EduSciMat will explore the provision of Math & Science textbooks, manipulatives and teacher-training to learning labs in South Africa.
    3. Star Publishing and Rethink Education – Star Publishing and Rethink Education will explore a partnership to license maths and science content from Singapore for the students in South Africa.
  1. “UNET fully believes in the delivery and quality of Singapore’s education solutions because Singapore is the most developed country in Southeast Asia. Through our partnership with Kydon, we will apply the most modern education technology in our schools to enhance educational quality and progress. Together with Kydon, we hope to revolutionalise traditional learning methods in Vietnam by creating a learning environment that nurture learner’s imagination,” said Mrs. Trần Thị Ngọc Mai, CEO of UNET Education.

E-learning taking its stride in Singapore

  1. As Asia’s e-learning landscape takes shape, Singapore companies are beginning to adopt technology to create more impactful learning outcomes for local audience.
  1. Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, announced a newly integrated learning and teaching platform – i-NTULearn. Designed as a virtual learning environment for both students and faculty, it provides easy access to online resources, courses, notes and lectures; collaboration with their peers; as well as student records and exam systems. This IT-enabled environment aims to promote critical thinking and communication skills.
  1. At the Summit, Singapore companies Amdon and Mind Stretcher (MS) signed a collaboration agreement to deliver MS’s suite of curriculum via Amdon’s proprietary e-learning platform, Pagewerkz. This platform will be offered, initially, to MS’s students in Singapore and later to their collective network in SEA, China and US. The collaboration is an excellent example of a company strong in curriculum working with a technology company to create new value in areas of student response analysis and intervention. Kydon Holdings also announced the launch of Parenthesis Asia, an online learning platform to provide students, professionals and life-long learning access to quality educational courses, ranging from certificate and diploma courses to smaller scale soft-skill courses for Singapore and the regional markets.

Engaging education partners across the region

  1. “Kydon is working closely with IE Singapore to connect with regional partners to realise our vision of transforming learning across Asia. IE Singapore has been instrumental to enabling Singapore companies to springboard our innovations overseas, and this joint initiative between IE Singapore and Kydon is testament to that. Kydon hopes such strategic collaborations will bring not just new business opportunities for us, but enable us to project our thought leadership globally,” said David Yeo, CEO, Kydon Group of Companies.
  1. The inaugural CXO Summit saw the attendance of close to 70 local and foreign education and solutions providers and facilitated discussions on the trends, challenges, opportunities and outlook. It also provided an effective platform to explore business collaborations and project partnerships between content and technological players in the education space.


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[2] http://www.researchandmarkets.com/research/g3r4v4/smart_education

[3] http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/singapore-tops-oecd-s/1843546.html

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e2i Launches Online Learning Partnership

e2i launches online learning partnership to enable workers to adopt a flexible learning approach and empower them to be future ready

  1. The National Trades Union Congress’ (NTUC) e2i (Employment and Employability Institute) encourages Singaporeans to pursue a continuous upgrading attitude and to take charge of their learning needs through the launch of a new online learning platform. The platform, designed by Parenthesis (a subsidiary of KYDON Group of Companies), offers over 650 courses which cater to both deep and horizontal skills training for Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) to meet the fast-changing needs of the employment landscape. Users have the flexibility to select the type of courses they wish to attend, and allow the exchange of perspectives, and learning from experts in the different industries.

  2. Working with partners such as Parenthesis, the launch of the online learning platform is one of the initiatives to bring industry practitioners, workers and companies together. This will help connect the workers with the industry experts and to enable them to develop and deepen their skills sets to achieve mastery of skills in their career. Learners on the platform will be engaged in a networked learning experience with peers, course providers and even industry practitioners. They will be able to ask questions, engage in discussion forums or share their experiences on the socially-connected online platform to create an enriching learning experience. Courses offered cover a wide range of topics from broad skills such as leadership, negotiation and career management, to specialised skills such as Project Management and IT.

  3. An individual’s ability to learn is critical in today’s information age that is also rapidly evolving. Skills development should be a lifelong pursuit and PMEs will find that their skills sets may become obsolete over time. Today’s working professionals may find it challenging to find time to attend courses in a physical classroom environment. For most who are tech-savvy, they should harness the potential of technology to transform their learning experience. PMEs need to adopt the right mindset and be open towards learning new skills via technology-enabled learning such as online learning. The online platform serves to bring together reputable learning providers to deliver quality learning to equip learners with industry-relevant skills.

  4. Mr Gilbert Tan, Chief Executive Officer of e2i said, “Our Singaporean PMEs must take charge of their learning needs and keep up with the evolving learning landscape to meet the demands of tomorrow. There is much value and potential for such online learning platforms to offer workers an additional tool to widen and enhance their learning options and experience. At the same time, we also encourage employers to recognise the importance of continual skills development and utilise technology to develop relevant course curriculum to enhance learning platforms for their workers.”

  5. Mr David Yeo, Chief Executive Officer of Kydon Group of Companies said that the aim is to deliver a personalised learning experience for the PMEs, “ The online learning platform will provide an effective, efficient and engaging experience for the learners. Through Parenthesis, they will be empowered to learn anytime, anywhere. They can connect with peers, experts and industry. Most importantly, they will have a lifelong account to manage their personal learning portfolio.”

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KYDON Collaborates with SRI International

KYDON Collaborates with SRI International to Develop Parenthesis, a New Online Learning Platform for Asia

Singapore, 1 October 2015 – KYDON Learning Systems Institute, a subsidiary of KYDON Group of Companies, is collaborating with SRI International, an independent research and development center, to develop Parenthesis, a new online learning platform for Asia.Every day, people around the world use SRI innovations, including the computer mouse, inter-networking, high-definition television, and Siri, the first virtual personal assistant for the iPhone.

Parenthesis aims to empower flexible learning to meet the changing needs of learners and prepare them for the knowledge economy. KYDON has invested more than S$2.5 million as seed funding to build the platform’s next-generation learning portal.

KYDON will officially launch its spin-off company, also named Parenthesis on 5 October 2015. Through collaboration with NTUC’s e2i institute, Parenthesis will be made available to over 2 million Singaporean and Permanent Residents to promote skills mastery and lifelong learning.

KYDON’s Chief Executive Officer David Yeo describes the collaboration with SRI as a strategic relationship: “It’s an opportunity to leverage the strengths of SRI’s research and development capacities and its US-wide education and training expertise. This collaboration is a significant milestone for KYDON’s capabilities development as it involves technology transfer between SRI and KYDON. This will help us remain at the forefront of learning technologies innovation and improve in our continuing efforts to contribute positively to its advancement.”

As part of Parenthesis’ development roadmap, KYDON and SRI will co-create the core engine behind the platform’s user-centric content generation engine by 2017. Technology transfer between SRI and KYDON over SRI’s National Training & Education Resource (NTER), a web-based learning platform, will be part of this initiative.

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