KYDON Collaborates with SRI International

KYDON Collaborates with SRI International to Develop Parenthesis, a New Online Learning Platform for Asia

Singapore, 1 October 2015 – KYDON Learning Systems Institute, a subsidiary of KYDON Group of Companies, is collaborating with SRI International, an independent research and development center, to develop Parenthesis, a new online learning platform for Asia.Every day, people around the world use SRI innovations, including the computer mouse, inter-networking, high-definition television, and Siri, the first virtual personal assistant for the iPhone.

Parenthesis aims to empower flexible learning to meet the changing needs of learners and prepare them for the knowledge economy. KYDON has invested more than S$2.5 million as seed funding to build the platform’s next-generation learning portal.

KYDON will officially launch its spin-off company, also named Parenthesis on 5 October 2015. Through collaboration with NTUC’s e2i institute, Parenthesis will be made available to over 2 million Singaporean and Permanent Residents to promote skills mastery and lifelong learning.

KYDON’s Chief Executive Officer David Yeo describes the collaboration with SRI as a strategic relationship: “It’s an opportunity to leverage the strengths of SRI’s research and development capacities and its US-wide education and training expertise. This collaboration is a significant milestone for KYDON’s capabilities development as it involves technology transfer between SRI and KYDON. This will help us remain at the forefront of learning technologies innovation and improve in our continuing efforts to contribute positively to its advancement.”

As part of Parenthesis’ development roadmap, KYDON and SRI will co-create the core engine behind the platform’s user-centric content generation engine by 2017. Technology transfer between SRI and KYDON over SRI’s National Training & Education Resource (NTER), a web-based learning platform, will be part of this initiative.

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