Getting Your Trainers Ready for Technology-Enabled Learning 

To successfully implement the use of technology for education in schools or technology for learning in businesses, government and organisations requires more than a change of hardware.

It requires real capacity building and commitment among internal trainers and teachers to bring about change. Unless your training or teaching faculty are at ease with using technological tools for learning and training, creating a technology-enabled learning environment may remain, just a good idea.

At Kydon Learning Systems Institute (LSI), we are aware of your challenges and our professional development services team will show you how you can make the successful transition to a technology-enabled learning environment.

Train-the-trainer on applying technology for learning

Our learning technologists at Kydon will train your teachers and internal trainers on the use of technology for education (for example, technology in the classrooms) or technology for learning at the workplace – under two specialised training programmes, which we will conduct under the 5 J Professional Development Framework.

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    5 J Professional Development Framework:

    This framework will help trainers and teachers adopt technology for learning and education:
    1. Job-related: focuses on developing technological skills for teaching and training
    2. Just enough: emphasizes increased comfort with technology and management of limited technology resources
    3. Just in time: provides teachers and trainers with skills when needed
    4. Just in case: encourages teachers and trainers to plan for contingencies
    5. Just try it: applies pressure and support to compel teachers and trainers to use technology in the classrooms or in the workplace.

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Kydon’s Professional Development Services 

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    Faculty development programme

    Experience first-hand how to use online learning activities and technological tools to support synchronous and asynchronous learning.

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    Bespoke development programme design

    Learn how to custom design technology-enabled learning programmes such as blended learning which combines face-to-face learning with online learning.

Are your trainers ready for a technology-enabled learning environment? We can help you get there. Call us on 65-6681 5691 or email us.