Your Ideal Research Partner For Cutting-Edge Technology in Learning 

Technology is rapidly changing the way people and organisations learn. Is the lack of knowledge of technology in learning stopping your organisation or institution from taking full advantage of technology-led training?

Why not commission our research and development (R&D) experts at Kydon Learning Systems Institute (LSI) to conduct research on how your organisation can leverage new technology in learning to maximise performance?

Kydon Learning Systems Institute (LSI) is more than a training and development company. We are uniquely different from other training companies in Singapore because of our deep research and development capabilities to create distinctive value for our clients.

Clients such as government agencies, businesses and non-profit organisations turn to our R&D division at Kydon LSI for our expertise in researching the best learning technology and technological tools to resolve their learning challenges. We also conduct collaborative research with local and global institutions and thought leaders in learning.

Partner with Kydon’s research team to find out more.

Who we collaborate with in R&D  

Our research partners include Stanford Research Institute (SRI) International and Institute of Adult Learning (Singapore).

Our research interests 

We conduct research on complex learning environments, specifically, pedagogy-technology integration and the use of instructional and non-instructional interventions to improve human performance.

We also bring our research and development innovations to the market by licensing intellectual property and spinning new ventures.

Recent R&D projects include:

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    Learning Analytics

    Many leading schools of higher education are usjng learning analytics – an advanced learning diagnostic tool to improve students’ learning outcomes.

    Using learning analytics, institutions and organisations are able to:

    • Track, collect and analyse learner-produced data

    • Assess the learner’s progress and predict the learner’s performance

    • Evaluate existing learning programmes and curriculum

    • Transform the teaching or learning environment

    At Kydon R&D, we work closely with our clients and research partners to develop innovative uses for learning analytics.

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    Technology-Pedagogy Integrated Curriculum Design

    The use of technology in learning seems to be an afterthought for many organisations and institutions. Technology integration with learning is often ad hoc so benefits of learning technology are not fully exploited.

    Moreover, existing learning design models were built on pedagogical principles more appropriate for younger learners. Nevertheless, teachers and trainers still use the same pedagogical model of instruction for both children and adults.

    At Kydon R&D, we focus our research and development efforts on:

    • Developing andragogy as an alternative model of instruction to enhance learning for working adults and adult learners

    Integrating learning technology throughout the whole learning cycle, including the initial learning needs analysis.

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    Adaptive Learning Content Technology

    Adaptive learning content technology will drive digital content for the next generation. Our Kydon R&D team actively engages in deep research on the applications of adaptive learning content technology. Intelligent adaptive learning enables developers and teachers to publish learning content using HTML5 without prior HTML or Javascript knowledge.

    How can this new learning technology benefit your organisation? Adaptive learning content can:

    • Enhance your teaching by simplifying lesson creation and delivery while remaining engaging and interactive

    • Enrich students’ learning experiences by offering sensory-rich learning

    • Provide highly customisable and adaptable templates to suit different teaching and learning styles

    • Harness the power of HTML5 – an advanced online development language to develop rich interactive multimedia to optimise learning 

Systemic approach to research 

Our research approach at Kydon is systemic and our learning solutions are inter-disciplinary, incorporating innovative ideas in instructional design, cognitive and educational psychology and information technology.

Internally, Kydon’s R&D team leverages knowledge across divisions in other domains such as digital content productiondesign and consultancy and learning space design to create added value for our clients.

Leverage on our research expertise in learning technology  

Leverage on our research and development expertise to support your training and development initiatives.

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