Custom Blended Learning Development Package for the Training and Adult Education (TAE) Community

We Can Help You Develop Engaging E-Learning On Time and On Budget

What we offer

Kydon revolutionizes traditional learning methods by fusing advanced pedagogies with cutting-edge technologies. Our ‘ART’ package offers Affordability, Reliability and Timeliness for organisations seeking to transform their classroom instruction to fully online or blended learning.​​​

How can this help me

Our Learning Designers will review your classroom instruction holistically and propose which lesson segments should be online. Our solution aims to transform a passive, instructor-centric learning environment to one that empowers learners to be active and creative through the dynamic application of technologies.​​​

How much does it cost

Kydon will help convert your training to online learning at only $5,000 per hour. For a recommended 30% conversion of a 3 day workshop, the rate will be $5,000 x 8 hours or $40,000. Furthermore, if you convert more courses with us, we will extend a discount* of up to 20% or $8,000 to you!

*Terms & Conditions Apply.​​

Package for 3 Day WSQ Course

All It Takes Is 8 Weeks

*Estimated based on 30% conversion of 3 day WSQ Course into Level 2 Blended Learning.

What You Will Be Getting
Transform Your WSQ Course Into Level 2 Blended Learning

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