Bring Classroom Interaction To A Higher Level With Kydon Smart Classroom Management System

21st century learning embraces critical and innovative thinking, team work, communication, leadership and self-direction. Teachers play a bigger role than ever as facilitators to help students become independent and creative thinkers, and to foster collaboration among learners.

This is why Beehive Interactive Kydon Technologies’ proprietary Smart Classroom Management System (SCMS) has attracted a lot of keen interest from schools and corporations in Singapore and Asia.

What is Beehive Interactive?

Beehive Interactive™ works on an open platform via electronic blackboards or smart pads. It allows teachers and students in a technologically-aided classroom to learn, participate, collaborate and pool resources real time, like a community of bee working as a team in an integrated environment. BeeHive Interactive™ is the tool of choice to maximize 21st century classroom learning experience.

What does Beehive Interactive provide?

  • Collaboration tools: peer-to-peer and group chats, file transfers, virtual whiteboard, desktop sharing, screen observation, short quiz, online assessments and assessment editor.
  • Active information feeds: news and announcements, training programme and events tracking.
  • Social engagement tools: user profile viewing and update, user status update, video conferencing and contacts directory.
  • Performance management tools: individual grade book, attendance review of virtual class sessions, assessment reports and online peer appraisal.
  • Content repository tools: content library and HiveDrive, a private cloud storage.
  • Lock function to prevent learners from using other applications during discussion or lecture.

Why Beehive Interactive™?

  • Creates an integrated and interactive classroom experience
  • Provides synchronised communication and feedback within classroom such as transferring documents and on-the-spot evaluation
  • Enables real-time collaboration and resource pooling such as file sharing
  • Gives teacher immediate monitoring and oversight of learners’ participation and understanding in discussion and lecture
  • Functions as a powerful facilitation tool in enterprise-wide meetings and conferences
  • Easy to handle and user-friendly interface

smart=classroomBeehive Interactive takes the hard work out for schools and corporations to set up smart classrooms with its comprehensive features and affordable content sharing, collaboration and social engagement tools. Request a FREE demo

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