Benchmarking Towards Becoming An Innovative Learning OrganisationTowards Maturity

Kydon is now working with Towards Maturity to bring this benchmark programme to Singapore to help businesses accelerate progress by learning from the successes (and lessons learned) of colleagues around the globe. The Towards Maturity Benchmark is considered one of the most comprehensive independent reviews of how organisations are establishing successful e-enabled learning strategies in the workplace.



Its performance indicators and effective practice benchmarks have been refined through the participation of 2,900+ organisations and 10,000 learners around the globe. Since 2003, the findings have been used by L&D organisations around the globe to track progress and improve performance. The study is constantly kept up-to-date through wide industry collaboration.

What is Benchmarking?

Benchmarking is the process of comparing your business processes and performance metrics to industry standards and/or good practices from other industries. Benchmarking can be done either formally or informally. Informal benchmarking is usually a process of reviewing by attending conferences, making simple comparisons and learning about good practices. This is a partially effective way of reviewing current practices in order to refine learning and development, but lacks the potential for dramatic improvement in comparison with formal benchmarking. Formal benchmarking is a systematic approach used to compare an organisation’s performance with the top performers in their field. This provides a host of insights into different areas of learning and development within an organisation, identifying weaknesses and strengths as well as an overall indication of L&D efficiency. The Towards Maturity Benchmark remains the only free, independent and confidential formal benchmark process available to learning and development professionals to date.

Why Benchmark?

Businesses have been benchmarking since the early 90’s, in order to develop new direction and improve performance. Since 2003, Towards Maturity has been applying good practice benchmark principles to help L&D departments do the same. Learning innovation, done well, has the potential to support business agility and competitiveness.

How does it work?

By taking part in the Benchmark, you review your approach against the Towards Maturity Model and reflect on your current benefits via an online survey. We use this information to place your organisation on the Towards Maturity Index, which helps you to establish a baseline upon which you can build your practices.

The Towards Maturity Model

We have identified six workstreams of effective practices which collectively entwine to help improve learning innovation and impact in the work place. These workstreams, known as the Towards Maturity Model, form the basis of our underlying benchmark process. The behaviours in the workstreams are reviewed annually with industry subject experts and practitioners.


What benefits will participants have?

Participating L&D leaders will have the opportunity to use the Towards Maturity Benchmark as a performance improvement tool as it provides them with an opportunity to:


  Review current L&D  aspirations, progress, and approach through a free online study

  Compare results and approach with others, Each participant will receive their free Personalised Benchmark Report to compare approaches with  both peers and the top performers in the field from around the globe

  Act on the findings to improve performance

How does Towards Maturity Help? 


Set a personal baseline today to help demonstrate progress tomorrow

 Increase staff engagement and results

 Learn from common mistakes rather than making them

 Justify an investment or proposal for change

 Quickly apply industry good practice in a way that is relevant to your own organisation

 Set ‘SMART’ targets in your business plan, based on trusted industry metrics

 Motivate your team to become industry pioneers

 Provide an external perspective to help engage stakeholders with new ways of learning

An example of the TM Personalised Benchmark Report from 2013 can be found here.

Participants will also have the opportunity to attend a tailored workshop in November with Towards Maturity that will help interpret their own personalised report and identify the actions that they need to take to progress.

What will participants get?

  • Personalised Benchmark Reports for all L&D Leaders participating in the study
  • Results will be debrief on the Workshop entitled  Future proofing your learning strategy- accelerating  progress with benchmarking on 12 Nov
  • A Published Country Benchmark Study that will be free to download from Kydon and Towards Maturity that consolidates the findings and looks at the following themes for businesses within Singapore:
    Drivers and Barriers to change
    Bottom line business results
    Plans for developing skills and talent
    Technology adoption
    Effective implementation practices
    Comparisons on the above with the rest of the world
    Lessons learned from top learning companies and opportunities for developing talent
  • Sharing of the results at the LEARNTech Asia Conference under the conference title –  Talent, Technology and Change- A New Learning Agenda for Singapore.  


Participate today:
Confidentiality  –  all responses remain confidential to the participant and Towards Maturity – see Towards Maturity Confidentiality Policy

For more information: [email protected]