Transforming Learning Landscape for 21st Century Workplace

Learning is the lynchpin of growth in any society. It is even more important in today’s increasingly complex and dynamic world where knowledge and human capital are the keys to prosperity in aspiring knowledge economies.

Modern learning design must:

  • Deliver appropriate learning to the right people, at the right time and place, and in the right format to generate the right outcome
  • Harness the power of customized learning, networked collaboration, push and pull learning systems, distributed learning opportunities and learning technologies to enhance the learning experience
  • Meet diverse learning needs, taking into account how, when and where learners learn
  • Provide access to relevant content through mobile learning devices and empower our learners who will increasingly access knowledge repositories and expert networks.

Transforming learning with support from key partners

This new learning landscape will require fresh partnerships among government, academia and industry to develop a truly adaptive learning organization, workforce and society of the future.

Kydon will be the agent of change for transforming learning landscape in Singapore and Asia.

To do so, Kydon will …

Partner Like-minded People to Transform Learning

Transform Learning to Empower People

Empower People to Renew Lives.