Transforming Learning for the 21st Century  

New technologies are fast changing the way the global mobile workforce and young people learn. At Kydon, we are excited about the change and we want to help you meet this challenge by transforming learning for your company or organization.


Kydon is an industry leader in transforming learning to meet learner and industry needs for the 21st Century.


Kydon revolutionizes training learning methods by fusing advanced pedagogies with cutting-edge technologies to deliver learning environments that engage learner’s intellect and imagination.

Accordingly, we strive:

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    To deliver world-class technology-enabled learning solutions to our clients

    We work with trainers and educators, government, companies and enterprises to enhance the learning potential of their learners, students and employees by fusing cutting-edge technologies with advanced pedagogies.
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    To create authentic learning environments where people feel engaged to learn effectively and efficiently, and with purpose

    We deliver this through technology-enabled learning, quality content development and continuous innovation.
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    To develop a thriving and globalised citizenship for the 21st century.

    We help our clients build a globally-minded workforce by making the learning experience truly global – through technology-enabled learning solutions such as e-learning, mobile learning and virtual learning.
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    To be the employer of choice and attract the best talents

    who share our passion for transforming learning through technology-enhanced learning solutions.

Our Values

  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Otherness
  • Holism
  • Servant Leadership
  • Human Dignity
  • Sustainability

Core Beliefs

Guiding us in what we do are 7 core beliefs:

  • People matter most
  • Human Capital is the key to growth and prosperity
  • Learning is transformational, knowledge is transient
  • Learning is authentic, continuous and life-long
  • Learning is both self-directed and community-based
  • Technologies empower learning
  • Learning empowers the future