Kydon – Leading The Way in Learning Technologies

Kydon Holdings is the leading provider of learning technologies and technology-enhanced learning solutions in Singapore and Asia.

We have a simple mission: to harness the power of learning technologies and create new learning environments for global mobile workers and a new generation of learners – so learning can take place virtually anywhere, anytime.

Being world-class – our benchmark

Kydon Holdings offers a full spectrum of world-class learning services, ranging from design and learning consultancy, digital content creation and research and development to learning platform delivery (to facilitate e-learning and mobile learning) and redesign of learning spaces.

We only hire the best talents and we collaborate with world-class research institutions such as the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) International and Florida State University.

Founded on inspired vision 

Established in 2012, Kydon Holdings was an entrepreneur’s vision to transform the learning landscape in Singapore and all across Asia.

This vision is shaped by a strong belief that learning and education are the key levellers in any society. We believe that harnessing technology for learning and education will make learning more accessible for everyone, regardless of geographical location and economic status in life.

Providing strategic direction and inspirational leadership for Kydon Holdings is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Learning Architect David Yeo. He is supported by a team of experts who are passionate about harvesting technology for learning, training and education.

Three subsidiary companies to meet every learning need

Incorporated under Kydon Holdings are three subsidiary companies – each offering distinct learning solutions that can be combined to provide bespoke and complete technology-enhanced learning solutions for every learning need:

Kydon Learning Systems Institute 

is where we work closely with clients to transform existing training architectures and develop technology-enhanced learning solutions tailored to the changing demographics and learning needs of learners. We recommend clients the best possible learning technologies, whether it is an e-learning portal, mobile learning apps or a virtual learning management system.

Kydon Technologies 

is where Kydon’s technology and learning architects develop, acquire and implement cutting-edge learning platform technologies to promote effective learning and training in the 21st Century.


is where our spatial design team blend space planning and design with pedagogical principles and technological tools to create effective, engaging and efficient learning spaces for our clients.

We may be a young company, but since our inception, we have garnered quite a few industry accolades and innovations under our belt as well as loyal clients, from government and educational institutions to local companies and global enterprises. 

At Kydon, our mission is to help you harness the power of learning technologies in training and education.

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